"Monosexuality balances on the rand of the grave, we are facing the exctinction of monosexuality. I believe that all forms of "forced sexuality" will disappear."
                      Gunter Schmidt, Scientist/Professor in sexology and psychology.

From bisexual to freesexual?

Freesexual. A person who is able to feel erotic fantasies and attraction towards, or to engage in sexual interaction with another individual, independent of the other individual's sex, colour or other origins - and who does not accept to be labeled as ie. heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual. A freesexual person is recognized as an individual free from prejudice and aversion regarding any consensual and loving sexual interaction.

Heterosexuality is an invention

...but homosexuality was invented first

In 1863 the term “homosexuality” was invented by the Austrian journalist Karl Maria Kertbeny, who later the same year invented the term “heterosexuality”.

A few years later, in 1863, the doctor and scientist Richard von Krafft-Ebing adopted these terms, and they became the standard terms to describe differences in sexuality. An indirect result of this was that bisexuality “ceased to exist”, and the two categories slowly became group identities with a number of behaviour-characteristics attached to them.

Later, as a result of the latter, came the inventions of limp wrist, butch, yo-man-style and lots of other inventions pertaining to the field of behaviourism. Sexuality became roles..written by powerful others.

Masturbation kills

Masturbation is considered harmful, dangerous and epidemic.

In addition to the two main discourses, which here describe the black and the red thread, we can also divide the course of history roughly into three eras; the pre-modern, the modern and the post-modern. While we have so far been occupied with the pre-modern era, we now gradually move into the modern era.

Theories on sexuality first started to appear in the 1700th century (the start of the era known as modernism), but implicitly these theories carried with them the inheritance from the Abrahamitic religions. The inheritance mainly consisted of the views on sexuality the act of reproduction was considered the only natural use of sex.

As a result of this, any other sexual expression was considered “unnatural”, “impure”, and thus also “abnormal” and even “damaging”.

Can concepts be suppressing phenomenon?

It might be tempting to name bisexuality "The X File", for different reasons.

The different sexualities as we know them are constructed categories that was conceived in the 19th century.

The scientist Krafft-Ebing reclassified homosexuality from a category into a diagnosis, and then emphasized heterosexuality as the normative and healthy counterpart. This can be said to be an indirect transformation of the sins of the different religions into the early scientific disorders. Before this the philosophy was more impressed by Christianity, who claimed that all sexuality that was not done with the purpose of bearing children was sinful (sodomy).


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